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Extend your reach
Semaphore lets you send an SMS with a single line of code. No complicated setup, no dealing with telecom protocols and procedures.
Scales with You
With our instantaneous queueing system, no messages gets left behind. Send as many messages as you want - we got you.
Sender Names
Send messages from a name not a number, and give your customers the personal touch they derserve.
Usage Stats
Keep on track of your performance with message history, and detailed report downloads.
Newbies Welcome
Easy to use at any level of technical skill: seamless integration for developers and foolproof online web tool for beginners.
Get more done with less cost
The best pricing for outbound messages.
Outbound SMS
Only Php 0.50 (ex. VAT) per SMS for all Philippine networks
What is Semaphore?

Semaphore was originally created to local startup companies integrate quality SMS functionality without dealing with cumbersome Telco contracts and minimums. We opened the service to the community at large because we believe in innovation. And innovation comes when everyone (even the little guys) has the right tools to act quickly and effectively.

SMS is still the way to cut through saturated email inboxes and deliver a personal touch, but we’ve also seen companies come up with other ingenious uses for Semaphore. At Sombra, we’re always on the lookout for companies building cool things. And we can’t wait to see what you’ll dream up next.

More and more companies are now using Semaphore